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Do you know how to socialize?

takefive - 01/01/2021

Aprenda a utilizar frases prontas quando interagir em inglês !!

 Aprenda o que dizer e as repostas possíveis que você pode ouvir em situações sociais quando você interage em inglês.

 Confira nossa Tabela de socialização:


Table for Socializing


Introducing yourself (se apresentando)                                                                           



I’m John Smith. How do you do? (Formal)                    How do you do?      

I’m Bill English. Nice to meet you!                                 Same here!

My name’s Kate. It’s a pleasure to meet you!                Likewise                                                                                


Introducing someone else (apresentando um amigo)                        




I’d like you to meet Alan Johnson

  Hi! Nice to meet you!

This is Mr. Frank from Boston.

  It´s a pleasure to meet you.

Do you know Bill Durant?

  How do you do, Sir?(formal)

Have you met Mr. Jacobs?

  I don't think so. Hi!


Greeting Someone (cumprimentando um amigo)




Hi! / Hi there.


How are you doing?

  Fine / Okay / Great / not bad

Long time, no see! (after a long time)

  Yes, it's been a long time.

  How have you  been?

How’s everything?

  Everything’s okay / going smoothly

How is it going?

  Everything’s fine / Things are fine

What’s up? / What’s new?

  Nothing much / Nothing  special

Hello, it’s nice to see you!

  Nice to see you too!


Farewells (dizendo adeus)                                      Responses


See you/ see you around / see you later                  See you!

Take care. / Take it easy                                           You too!                                                  

(It was) nice talking to you.                                       Same here!

Have a nice lunch!                                                    The same to you!



Offering (oferecendo)


Would you like some coffee?

  Yes, please. / No, thanks.

Some Beer?

  That would be nice, thanks. /

  Nothing for me, thanks.


Thanking Someone (Agradecendo alguém)                Responses


Thank you for the lunch / the coffee.

  You’re welcome.

Thanks a lot. / Thanks a million

  Don’t mention it.

Thanks for a great time.

  My pleasure.

Thank you for your time / for all

  Not at all.


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